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The Secure Login is an easy handy plugin, for the popular Ultimate Client Manager, which can add an extra security layer to your login procedure. The plugin is now compatible with Metis, WhileLabel, Pro and AdminLTE themes, but it will be available also with Blocks theme soon. To use the plugin you need a mobile device (phone or tablet) on which you have to install a token generator application. For more information please read the Features point.

The Ultimate Client Manager can be found here.

[ First release ] UCM Plugin: Secure Login v1.0.

  • Feature: Two-Factor Authentication during the login procedure
  • Feature: 100% compatible with the Google Authenticator
  • Feature: 100% compatible with Authy, Duo and the other 2FA applications
  • WARNING: Please read the Installation Instructions!

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In case of emergency (you can see…

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